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Sewage treatment equipment manufacturing and engineering contractor
Transportation equipment manufacturing and installation project total package
Dust exhaust gas treatment equipment manufacturing and the contractor project
Plate chain and sprocket wheel
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    Hefei matt technology engineering co., LTD(Formerly known as hefei matt machinery technology co., LTD)Was established1994Years,2006In hatosy industrial zone in land plants,Located in hatosy industrial zone in Inner Mongolia1Number,Cover an area of an area20Mu、The construction area8000M2,2015In the double phoenix development zone land to build two factory,Located in the double phoenix development zone MeiChong lake road16Number、Covers an area of60Mu、The construction area24000M2,Companies of all kinds of mechanical processing、Detection equipment is complete。

Hefei matt technology engineering co., LTD. Is a national high and new technology enterprise(The certificate:GR201734000939)、In anhui province2018The annual specialization, the new enterprise、PassedISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001Certification、Possess“Environmental engineering contractor”And“Mechanical and electrical installation engineering contractor”Qualifications(The certificate:D334062492)、It happened20A number of technology patents“MattMATE”Registered trademark,The company25Years has been focused on professional services in the field of technology research and development and depth,There are three pieces of the service sectorDecentralized wastewater treatmentDust exhaust governanceBulk material transportation,The company's business model is equipment manufacturing、The project total package and operation maintenance
Company organization
Matt anhui environmental engineering co., LTD
Anhui matt mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD
Anhui matt environmental protection technology co., LTD
Huangshan giuly conveyor chain co., LTD
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