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Defoaming agent
Metal processing chemicals
Import and export of raw materials
Into the constant xinHeat treatmentPAGThe quenching liquidYantai heng xin chemical technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development of fine and specialty chemicals、Production、Sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises。The company was identified as high-tech enterprises,For many years was rated as the contract heavy credit enterprise,The national institute of heat treatment group member and member of the Chinese association of forging。Metal processing chemicals division products system perfect,The original cutting fluid from metal processing,To the middle of the cleaning,Heat treatment by quenching liquid, etc,Metal parts rust to late,Meet different requirements,Product has won praise users。More company profile
Yantai heng xin chemical metal processing chemicals division since its establishment,Was determined to for metal processing enterprises to provide the best quality products and services,Have experienced engineers and perfect testing equipment,The quenching liquid/Quenching medium product experience,Provide use method and maintenance, etc,Trustworthy。More technical support
Efficient welding splash remover
Efficient welding splash removerSeries production and sales10Years,There are five models,Per kg40-50Square meters around the metal surface。
THIF-402Welding splash remover   THIF-405Welding splash remover
THIF-406No clean splash remover  THIF-407Welding splash liquid water
THIF-408Stainless steel splash liquid     THIF-409Tip to collect agent

Efficient welding splash remover
Water glycol flame resistant hydraulic fluid
Water glycol flame resistant hydraulic fluidImplement the national standards(GB/T21449-2008),In strict accordance with the national standard production。Water glycol with excellent resistance to combustion flame resistant hydraulic fluid、Low freezing and lubricity,Applied to metallurgy,Machinery manufacturing and other hydraulic systems。
THIF-707Water glycol flame resistant hydraulic fluid  THIF-703Deionized water
THIF-707Water glycol flame resistant hydraulic oil  THIF-700Ethylene glycol

Water glycol flame resistant hydraulic fluid
Stainless steel pickling passivation paste
Stainless steel pickling passivation pastePickling、A complete passivation,Reaction speed is fast,Do not produce spots,Cleared,Cleaning and passivation of stainless steel surface scale、Rust、Oil pollution and so on,Increase the surface brightness,Improve the ability to resist corrosion。
THIF-125Stainless steel pickling passivation paste
THIF-126Stainless steel pickling passivation solution

Stainless steel pickling passivation paste
Forging mold release agent
Colorless green forging mold release agentColorless, tasteless,Non-toxic harmless,Good spreadability and invasive,No residue left and accumulation,No corrosion workpiece and die,Suitable for all kinds of steel、Copper、Aluminum and other non-ferrous alloy cold,Especially the temperature、Hot die forging。
THIF-728Colorless, environmental protectionForging mold release agent
THIF-736Colorless green rolling lubricant

Colorless green forging mold release agent
Cleaning agent
Cable cleaning agentUsed in underground cable to clean,High cost performance,All kinds of oil can quickly remove cable head。Ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaning agent application,Low foam and environmental protection。
THIF-301Metal cleaning agent   THIF-305Solvent-based cleaning agents
THIF-306Oily cleaning agent   THIF-311bSpray cleaning agent
THIF-312Non-ferrous metal cleaner   THIF-321Aluminum alloy cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner/Cable cleaning agent
Corrosion inhibitor/Anti-rust oil
Antirust time rust inhibitor,Antirust time choose anti-rust oil。
THIF-118Corrosion inhibitor     THIF-123Reinforcing steel rust remover
THIF-1118ACoating corrosion inhibitor  THIF-601Metal rust-proof oil
THIF-124Rust removing rust inhibitor    THIF-606Epidural anti-rust oil
THIF-605Dehydration anti-rust oil    THIF-6204Anti-rust oil displacement type

Corrosion inhibitor/Anti-rust oil
Pickling corrosion inhibitor/Hydrochloric acid fog inhibitor
Pickling plant such as tube mill comes out of white mist especially bad,Workshop environment is particularly bad,UsePickling corrosion fog inhibitorNot only can inhibit the generation of smoke,As well as the effect of corrosion,Is a steel processing enterprise ideal additive。
THIF-115Pickling corrosion fog inhibitor
THIF-116Fog inhibitor

Pickling corrosion inhibitor/Hydrochloric acid fog inhibitor
Cutting fluid/Cutting oil
Cutting fluidGood cooling、Lubricity、Rust protection、Degreasing cleaning function、Easy to dilute。By cutting oil base oil compound with a variety of additive synthesis,Is not easy to stink,Long service life。
THIF-111Water base cutting fluid   THIF-111BLGlass cutting fluid
THIF-112Metal grinding fluid   THIF-111HHalf a synthetic cutting fluid

Cutting fluid/Cutting oil
Quenching medium
Our company produces the quenching medium widely used in various artifacts as a whole quenching、Induction hardening、Carburizing、Carbonitriding quenching、Aluminum solid solution treatment as the heat treatment, etc。
THIF-502PAGThe quenching liquid   THIF-511Quick bright quenching oil
THIF-505Inorganic quenching liquid    THIF-517Vacuum quenching oil
THIF-528Type of oil quenching liquid    THIS-629Special quenching liquid bactericide

Quenching medium
Quick bright quenching oilApplicable to large workpiece、Quenching hardenability of parts。Bearing is bearing the workpiece quenching oil special quenching oil,Gear quenching oil is a special gear workpiece quenching oil,In the bright quenching oil is suitable for、High hardenability of hardening of small parts。Overspeed quenching oil is suitable for carbon steel、Low alloy steel parts quenching, etc。Vacuum quenching oil is used for bearing steel、Work die steel quenching。Isothermal step quenching oil is suitable for the complex shape parts, such as quenching。
The heat treatment quenching oil