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  Linxiang city xin and environmental protection engineering co., LTD. Is a collection“三废”The design of the regulation project、The construction、Commissioning and after-sales service as one of the high-tech joint-stock enterprise,The company is specialized in all kinds of sewage treatment、Black smelly water governance、Waste gas treatment、Noise control and environmental protection equipment and environmental protection agent sales。

  Linxiang city xin and in line with environmental protection engineering co., LTD“The customer is supreme,The good faith is supreme”The principle of,Welcome the domestic and foreign enterprises、The company、Institutions and establish a long-term relations of cooperation。Warmly welcome friends from all walks of life to visit、Inspection、Business negotiations。
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T: Urban and rural living garbage transit seepage drain waste water treatment...

D: Leachate after adjusting pool of storage and the anaerobic biochemical degradation of the anaerobic reaction pool to enterAMTThe decomposition of pool,By the pool...

T: Wastewater treatment technology

D: Pharmaceutical wastewater of high concentration of organic matter、The composition of complex、The change of water quality of water,And contain a variety of inhibitory wastewater biological...

T: Aquaculture wastewater treatment

D: The breeding of high concentration organic wastewater belongs to the rich in a large number of pathogens Waste water,Direct emissions into the water or location...

T: Zero discharge of heavy metal wastewater deep treatment process

D: Heavy metal wastewater source there is mainly analysis to detect wastewater、Wet law waste water of gold、Mineral processing wastewater、Non-ferrous metal materials...

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The customer is supreme,The good faith is supreme

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